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The POWERPAK provides constant DC operating power to the seismic controller or for each motorized valve actuator in the system.  As the power is used, the batteries are constantly recharged by AC. Standard battery size for actuator is 12 Volts DC at 31 Ah, connected in series to provide 24 Volts DC. Should the charging system fail, the fully charged batteries will allow approximately 90 minutes of single valve actuator operation (Consult FLO-LOC for individual value operational specifications). If a typical valve open/close cycle takes six minutes, a fully charged POWERPAK will allow at least 10 full cycles over a period of days or weeks before recharging.



  • 7 Ah
  • 31 Ah
  • battery charge LCD voltmeter
  • In a NEMA 4X Fiberglass enclosure 24x20

Options for multiple valve actuators:

  • 50 Ah
  • 100 Ah
  • Deep Cycle
  • Combination Seismic Controller and POWERPAK in a single enclosure

SCADA options:

  • AC ON
  • Circuit breaker OK
  • Battery OK
  • Battery LOW